Sept/4/2015 EDIT

My "Happiness Enforcer" project derived one step further from the concept sketch stage. I utilized 3D modeling and rendering technique to envision my final product. 

Before the 3D renders, I would like to mention the purpose behind this project. Dictators in general, are obsessed in depicting a prosperity in his country, to demonstrate the effectiveness of his reign. The communists' China is no exception. Earlier this decade, propaganda journalists are spotted on the Chinese streets asking passer-bys if they are happy, expecting positive answers to praise the current regime of Xi. The "Happiness Enforcer" project stands as my mocking response to the "forced happiness" practice in countries under dictatorship, such as mainland China. It appears as a naval gun, deliver happiness (in form of nitrous oxide gas) to the public by "violence". 


Sept/7/2015 EDIT

One further step ahead, I figured out the dimensions of my cannon. Here goes my blueprints. The actual happiness delivering method is still under configuration. 

Unit: inch

Unit: inch

Sept/14/2015 Edit

I came up with a approach to deliver the happiness: fill the gas chamber with N2O balloons; upon the shell's exit from the barrel, the heavier warhead component will hit the target first. Thus, the impact will trigger the percussion cap installed at the tip, then detonate the whole shell and release N2O gas. Yes, exactly like how a actual artillery shell works. The assembly of Type N shell is attached below. 

Unit: inch

Links to different components:

Percussion Cap:


Black Powder:

N2O Cartridges:

Nov/2/2015 Update

I 3D printed the shell and painted it orange. Also, I have bought a few wooden balls to practice accuracy. 

I have purchased a commercially made potato cannon and studied its construction. I found that its flint ignition method is both uncomfortable and unreliable. In addition, the breech cap needs to be removed when injecting fuel. Which is not very convenient. 

Pre-made potato gun:

In order to improve, I have purchased BBQ ignitor and airsoft gun gas valves. Then, installed into my own cannon. Now, I am able to inject fuel much faster and fire the cannon with ease and comfort. The "push button" trigger enables easier aiming. A short firing demonstration video is attached. 

Nov/8/2015 EDIT

I designed a simpler turret because triple gun design is too heavy to held it by hand. My new single gun design has a moderate sized turret and a 20" barrel. Much more compact and lighter than the 60" inch barreled triple gun. In addition, it features a conveniently hinged buttplate that enables faster breech loading. I sliced my 3D model in 123D Make and generated a plan for laser cutting. 

Newly designed solid projectile with joke note insertion will be adopted to avoid tricky legal situation proposed by former exploding N2O shell. 


Jan/4/2016 Edit

I finished this project on December, 2015 and exhibited in in the open house exhibition. Shortly after the exhibition ended, I retrieved my work and conducted a live fire test.