Farting, is a natural, biological phenomenon. However, farting generates embarrassing sounds, sometimes accompanied by unpleasant odors. Thus, to fart in front of another person is considered rude according to our social norms. In order to avoid publicly farting, we often hold them back until they are absorbed by our bodies, which is harmful to our health.

My Fartality is designed to solve this problem. Fartality can change farting from a rude and embarrassing experience to a fun and rewarding game. It is a chair with a smart evaluator installed in the seat [or wherever the evaluator is installed]. When a person sitting on the chair farts, the implemented evaluator will rank and score his fart based on loudness, frequency, and smell. In addition, the fart ranking will be uploaded to social networks, enabling players to compete with their acquaintances, even unlocking trophies. Fartality creates a supportive and even competitive environment for the release of previously withheld gas, promoting health and liberation to those who participate.

After a brief conversation with school woodshop admin, I found that to fabricate a chair exactly same as my render in school studio will be difficult. So, I will modify an existing chair instead. 

In addition, I found this MQ136 gas sensor that sensitive to hydrogen sulfide can be used to measure how stinky a fart is.